Is your current performance management approach: 
Engaging your employees? 
Increasing productivity? 
Time and cost effective? 
PForm+ is our unique performance development approach and system 
A simple, easy-to-use approach and system to replace annual appraisals 


Encourages individual ownership of development 
Reduces management time 
Allows for effective performance evaluation of objectives, skills, behaviour development, career progression and succession planning 
Reduces performance issues 
Is aligned to the practice's organisational strategy 
Demonstrates key evidence towards the CQC Well Led criteria 

Impact & ROI 

PForm+ is not only a cloud-based system, our knowledge and training that accompany the platform develops staff skills to support the approach. 
Our approach includes: 
Gaining buy-in for a performance development approach – removing barriers 
Up-skilling reviewers/line managers to coach, give feedback, develop staff effectively 
Introducing the platform to capture development progress across the practice 
Reporting to evaluate progress & impact linked to tangible outcomes and improvements 
Focussing on development in this way achieves the following: 
Clear objectives/goals for the practiceeveryone can be involved and work towards the desired outcomes. It improves consistency and leadership clarity 
Up-skilled reviewers/line managers are more likely to develop their teams effectivelygain additional management & leadership skills to support, engage and identify issues earlier 
One of the top reasons people leave the NHS is that they do not receive development and career progression (source: NHS Long term plan) - This directly impacts levels of how staff feel valued. Increasing this leads to multiple benefits: 
Increased retention (circa. 14%) 
Reduced recruitment costs - Average cost to recruit and train a GP Receptionist over 1st 4 weeks = £2,500 - equal to 30 days' man hours 
Consistency in performance across the practice team 
Increased consistency of care for patients 
Decreased staff absence linked to work related stress 
Increased time for line managers – traditional annual appraisal processes take on average 5 hours per person, for a GP practice of 40 employees this can equate to circa. 200 hours of management time. PForm+ reduces this time by 65% 
Training – a motivated and engaged stable team is easier to train and develop. Practices can invest in the needs for their area, providing a greater level of patient care 
Clinical Leadership – for partners this makes it easier to lead the team effectively and also to create a happy team that is stable and consistent 
Clinical staff – Pform+ links to medical appraisals e.g. DR’s using FourteenFish – Pform+ has a push function to link this so information can easily be demonstrated in the FourteenFish appraisal 
Well-being – the well-being section gives early indicators if staff are feeling stress or under-valued. These flags can then alert the line managers to having conversations to support and rectify the issues before people leave the role. It also offers links to appropriate support and information 
Resilience - Pform+ develops resilience through both people and process improvements: 
Process – simple easy to use system, consistent processes and streamlined approach to performance and development 
People – giving people the skills and support to develop, valued focused feedback to improve engagement 
Easy reporting evidences; performance growth, analyse training needs, provides information for CQC 


Got an enquiry? 

If you would like more information on the above solution, or would like to request a FREE initial consultation or demo, please call Lucy on 07800 842 322 or complete the enquiry form below. 
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