Lead+ is our leadership development programme, specifically designed for managers at all levels within healthcare. The programme is made up of workshops aimed at new and existing managers that will: 

Provide tools and techniques to help resolve people-related issues 
Develop leadership and management skills 
Create and maintain a high performing workplace 
Here are some of our most popular workshops; for more information, our calendar of events or to discuss in-house training please get in touch: 


These workshops and programmes are designed specifically for Leaders and Managers at all levels, and provide delegates with theory, tools and techniques along with lots of opportunity for discussion with like minded delegates. 
The workshops aim to explore how to get the best out of your people, resolve people-related issues whilst creating and maintaining a high performing workplace through developing the applicable skills. 


"Great quality care needs great leadership at all levels. Evidence shows that the quality of care and organisational performance are directly affected by the quality of leadership and the improvement cultures leaders create." 
NHS Longterm Plan 
Benefits to the Practice: 
Enhanced management skills 
Higher motivated teams 
Increased confidence in capabilities and actions 
Heightened self-awareness and awareness of others 
Reduced frustrations, stresses, issues and problems 
Increased effectiveness 
Gain time to: 
Identify opportunities 
Implement decisions quickly 
Resolve problems 
Identify new streams of funding 
Benefits to delegates: 
Designed specifically for healthcare professionals 
workshops reflect specific challenges and needs 
Relevant to role 
able to discuss and explore real life situations and solutions 
Network building 
able to cross share and develop trusted working relationships 


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