It is March 8th, and the kids are finally back in the classroom! Hooray we say as the temporary home-school desk is put away. Another landmark date in our roadmap to recovery. When I dropped my 8 year off to school, I was excited for him to be reunited with his pals but also a little sad. I will miss him, he has been at home for 8 weeks, a fact that he reminded me of the other day. Goodness, how time flies and we are nearly at the 12 month point at which this all began. 
More landmark dates to come as we wait patiently, hoping nothing happens or gets in the way of our path to freedom.  
We all sit in anticipation with our fingers tentatively hovering over the book it button, dreaming of the holidays we will be able to go on and the family reunions we will have. 
It is funny to think back to that day March 23rd, 2020, when Boris made his announcement. That announcement that stated that we ‘stay home and stay safe’. Nobody knew what the journey ahead looked like and without warning we were in the thick of it, faced with all sorts of news, decisions, facts and figures. I think if you had told me back then that the next 12 months was going be like this, my response would have been one of utter fear and wondering how on earth we would get through it. 
And yet almost 12 months on we are now at the point at which a good percentage of the population have had their first vaccinations, the Nightingale hospitals no longer required, businesses, workplaces and social spaces have adapted and changed, the rates of infection are finally falling. Yes, we still have to be careful, yes, there is still an ongoing threat that this pandemic could blow up once more and yes, the NHS and all our frontline staff are working harder than ever. But we are now here, and we are changed. 
There is light at the end of the tunnel and somehow, we have coped, and we have got through. You could say a united spirit, a global resilience that we will not be beaten by this virus. 
Change is inevitable but so is the certainty of the strength and courage we thought we never had… 
“You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think…. 
A.A Milne 
And indeed we are…who knew? 
Blog By Liane Hadley 
#staypositive #springisonitsway 
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