It is January 2021 and who would have thought we would be in another national lockdown. It has been so tough for so many and when you read the news it is all fairly grim to say the least. Once again, an air of uncertainty and fear has enveloped us all as we are regularly informed of the ever-increasing numbers of people who have tested positive for coronavirus. We are once again told ‘Stay safe, stay at home and protect lives. It is back to zoom quizzes, home schooling and restrictions we thought had long gone. 
After watching Boris Johnson address the nation the other evening, I then had the unenviable task of explaining to my 8-year-old son why he would not be returning to school the next day. He burst out crying, understandably confused at the news he had just been told. 
“Why can’t Boris just give everyone the vaccine and then we’d all be okay, and I could see my friends”. 
My heart panged, how is a little person meant to make any sense of this I thought to myself. One minute I am hanging up his school shirt and packing his bag for the next day and next minute I am having to tell him he will not be going into school until March. 
After a cuddle, the tears eventually stopped, and we talked about what we needed to do now. What were the things that would help us? 
He sat still, in deep thought and then as if he had discovered the answer to everything he enthusiastically shouted “Games, we could play all my board games and do another 1000-piece jigsaw!”. 
“Good idea!” I said. 
“And…what about doing a walk every day?” he added. 
“That is a great idea, maybe we should set ourselves a challenge” I said. 
And so in that moment we started planning little things. Little things that would keep us sane, keep us together and keep us safe. 
“Wow!” I said, “we are going to be busy and before you know it will be March. The weather will be better, and the days will be a lot brighter”. 
“We’ll be able to get the paddling pool out” his eyes lit up with excitement. 
“Yes”, I said, “and we can spend more time in the garden, maybe grow some sunflowers like last year”. 
“Do you think we will be able to go on holiday?” he said? 
“Absolutely” I confidently replied with a momentary sense of self belief. 
We then started to talk about all the exciting things that we would do once things were better, and we could go to our lovely caravan in Tenby, hang out on our favourite beach and paddle in the sea. 
His little face looked less red and teary and as he sat on my lap, I realised that despite that the fact we still had such uncertainty about the situation there was at least something that would be forever in our favour…. hope.  
Hope that things would be better soon. Hope, that we will in time hug our nearest and dearest, hope, that we will get everyone vaccinated quickly, and hope, that in 2021 we will see the end of this awful pandemic and we will emerge on the other side stronger and better than ever before. 
#staysafe 😊 
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