Christmas 2020, what will it all look like? We are always waiting for news on what plans, and restrictions will be in place, especially with this coming winter season and of course, Christmas. It has been the most extraordinary year, that is for sure and none of it expected. It has led us down many unknown paths, and we have all taken this journey with anticipation, apprehension and for so very many, courage. 
But now – I often hear expressions of frustration... 
‘I’m tired of it all, 
‘When will things be back to normal’ 
‘What am I allowed to do and not do?’ 
There have been sporadic glimmers of hope only to be thwarted by disappointment when we have been told the R rate has increased or a local lockdown imposed. So, what now? We are for the want of a better phrase ‘cream crackered with it all.’ 
However, whilst out running the other morning and trying to embrace a positive start to my day, I had a moment of self-celebration. 5km I thought, a distance that seemed quite impossible at one time and not only impossible but also unenjoyable. So, why did I start running? 
It was during lockdown that I had, as we all did, many moments of reflection and the desire to get fitter, or be it use that all to precious daily hour of exercise in the best possible way. So, I started to run, challenge myself, and although I do not see myself as a natural runner it has become part of my regular exercise regime and surprisingly something I really enjoy. 
Who would of thought, I smiled to myself and continued to consider all the other things that I achieved this year... 
As I did, I realised that despite how quite horrible the year had been I had actually achieved a great many things that perhaps only a year like this could bring about. 
From running a 5km to baking cakes, growing tomatoes, even building a dog kennel with my 8-year-old son, all of which were achievements, positive experiences…successes. 
This was something to definitely feel good about and more importantly to remember. It is easy to get lost in the in the negative connotations of this year but what would happen if we all had a moment to remember the things that were our successes, our personal achievements. I wonder just how many things you would come up with if we focused on the good stuff, the stuff that went well. It certainly feels like a better way to end the year.  
So go on, put your positive glasses on, you might be surprised with what you see! 
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