The middle of February is now upon us and I will admit I have in the past always found it a rather funny month. I always considered it to be that non-descript month that sat rather uninterestingly between January with all its new year’s resolutions, and March, with its promise of sunshine and bloom. For me, February has historically been the month that is neither here nor there… 
So with this unfounded February phobia, I have regularly found myself being in this rather dreary state of limbo waiting for March.  
A dedicated time within my year to feel quite simply meh!!  
My allotted slot for being grumpy and lacking in any degree of motivation. 
Whilst I know it is the month of roses being red, and violets being blue it has contributed little to my general wellbeing or happiness barometer. An immovable mindset that had become quite simply standard. 
This year, however, I have found myself surprisingly enjoying what February has to offer. My mood a little brighter with an air of optimism. Why I hear say. 
Well, on reflection I have realised that with all the challenges and changes we have all encountered throughout this pandemic, my perspective and reality has shifted somewhat. And with that, a reignited appreciation for the little things. I have been inspired, felt grateful for what I have and lots of things have made me smile. In short, I have been more aware. 
Whether it be a walk, something I have read, watched, or listened to, I have definitely had some sort of reflection of sorts. I have noticed that there are always things to make you smile and feel happy, you just have to look, be aware, I guess. 
Maybe this is symptomatic of lockdown and our current situation, we have become more caring, more observant, and more creative. Whatever it is, it certainly feels a better space to be in. 
So, here are some suggestions that might make you smile or even inspired. Hopefully change your mindset if you too are experiencing a little February phobia. 
Smile your way to Spring…. 
Go for a walk…. The great thing about walking is it’s free and you can go anytime.  
Challenge yourself to say hello to anyone you see and smile. Honestly, it is a guarantee feel good. 
Read a funny book…. Sometimes it is nice to get lost in literature that doesn’t require too much thought and just makes you smile  
Give a little… This is a great way to feel good as well as having a little spring clean.  
So, have a clear out and think about who might benefit from your no longer wanted items. Perhaps a local charity, a friend or relative (when it is okay to do so)  
If you have an old laptop or some unwanted tech check the listings at for inspiration
Buy local and fresh…There is something rather satisfying and comforting about avoiding the large superstores and supporting your local shop, especially in the current climate.  
Supporting local businesses at this time feels very good. 
Listen to your favourite music (and play it loud if you can 😊) …Music is so evocative and can without a doubt bring back some happy memories.  
So make time to listen to YOUR favourite songs. What is the one song that makes you forget where you are and dance like no one’s looking! 
Watch a comedy classic…So, I got a little lost in watching one of my all-time favourite comediennes, the great and wonderful Victoria Wood.  
If you can, grab a cuppa and sit down and watch an episode or two of ‘As Seen on TV’, especially Acorn Antiques. This will make anybody smile and that is a guarantee! 
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